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CC 55: The Generational like For high-end

Today’s confessor hails from Manila, as well as though she now pays for her own purchases, when she was in institution her parents funded her designer bag purchases. being able to share in a like of high-end products with both her mom as well as her father has been kind of a bonding experience for this 30-something who favors Louis Vuitton over most other brands. The bags that mean the most to her are ones she got as gifts, as well as her father bought her very first Chanel Bag as a pre-wedding present. checked out the rest of this confessional below as well as be sure to submit your own!

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Az alapok

Age: 34
Gender Identity: Female
Location: Manila
Occupation: Consultant
Industry: research study as well as Development
Salary: $54,000.00
Household Income: $150,000.00

The Bags

Are you a PurseForum member? Igen

How many bags do you own? 15

What bags are in your collection?

Louis Vuitton
– Hampstead DE MM
– Neverfull DE MM
– Iena DE MM
– Saumur Mono 25
– speedy B 25 monogram
– Pochette NM in DA (I utilize it as a bag rather than as SLG)

– infant sac du jour in dove grey
– North south carry in black

– double flap medium GHW

– wallet on chain

– Pochette logo mania pink

– Blue label handbag

I likewise have some Kate Spade bags, including a nylon document/ laptop bag, Longchamp as well as Lacoste totes

How much is your collection worth? perhaps less than $15,000?

What is your most costly bag? Chanel traditional double flap medium size in GHW. By dad got this for me before I got married. We were in Tokyo for a household vacation as well as I stated I wished to look at the Chanel WOC in the Omotesando boutique. When the SAs brought out the WOCs (black as well as red), my dad’s eyes wandered to the traditional flap bags as well as asked the SA if we can take a look.

Of program my eyes got big… deep in my heart I understood I desired that however at the moment, I might only pay for the WOC (wedding prep is expensive!). When my dad saw my deal with illuminate as I tried on the traditional flap, he stated he would get it for me as a present. Teary eyed, I thanked my dad for the wonderful present as well as the rest was history =)

The most costly bag I bought on my own was the YSL infant sac du jour. I had been lusting over it for a few months… as well as when an chance provided itself (meaning the shop had the size as well as color combination that I wanted), I bought it.

What are the most important brands or pieces in your collection? Those that were gifted to me:

LV Hampstead MM DE – my very first LV bag, gifted to me by my mom when we were vacationing in Singapore. I desired a carry however not a Neverfull (it was everywhere at the time). I liked the plate detail in addition to the more structured style compared to the Neverfull

LV speedy B 25 – It was offered out everywhere! The waitlist in Manila was crazy as well as I understood it would be impossible to get one at my house store. When we were vacationing in London, Harrod’s LV had one in stock. Mázlista! My dad bought it for me.

LV Saumur 25 – The only method to get it was in the pre-loved market so when my husband as well as I were vacationing in Japan, we came upon a designer “flea market” in Himeji (of all places!). The Saumur 25 was a great deal. as well as we understood that Japan does not tolerate counterfeit products. My other half got it for me, since he understood I was lusting for it… as well as the truth that we went to around 5 pre-loved stores in Tokyo as well as Kyoto (Brand Off as well as Komehyo are the more prominent ones).

What age did you get your very first designer bag, as well as what was it? Bvlgari logo mania pochette in pink – this is my very first designer bag (no, my coach bags from outlet stores don’t count) as well as it was a graduation present to me by my dad. After completing university, we went buying in Singapore’s Orchard road as well as I got a “budget” for my graduation gift. At the time, I wasn’t so much into designer products so I decided to split my budget plan to get an iPod video as well as a little pochette from Bvlgari. The very first thing I did when I got the bag was to wear it to Church!

Always be grateful as well as provide thanks!

Any specific bag that holds a special emotional value? most likely the Bvlgari pochette (from my dad), the Hampstead MM (from my mom) as well as the Saumur 25 (from my hubby). Those 3 will never leave my collection.

Do you feel like your bags modification people’s perceptions of you or exactly how you’re treated? Igen. There will always be stereotypes anywhere you go. What I do is I gown for the event as well as the destination! If you want to be treated nicely, gown nicely. Sorry, that’s exactly how it is in this world!

I work in the R&D sector so I’m mainly at site or in the labs, I prefer to wear my Longchamp totes or Kate Spade bags in situation of accidents. Spill occur commonly in hectic labs.

If I’m going out with good friends or family, I usually select a nice little handbag, depending upon where we’ll go or what we’ll do. If there’s a lunch or dinner at elegant restaurants or hotels, I wear my Ferragamo WOC or Chanel traditional flap. If I’m travelling, I prefer the Iena MM as it has a zipper that makes my personal belongings more secure.

I wear my bigger totes when I’m out buying or going the shopping center / movies with hubby.

A vásárlás

How commonly do you buy new bags? Nem gyakran. It depends upon what catches my eye as well as exactly how long I stalk or checked out evaluations about the bags. right now, I’m not looking for anything new.. I am contented with my present collection. I have a tote, WOC, work bag, evening/ elegant bag as well as crossbody for my lifestyle.

But I currently have a renewed rate of interest in the pre-loved market.

Which stores do you regular the most? right now… LV, Chanel as well as Salvatore Ferragamo

Do you ever buy second-hand bags? Where do you buy used? It’s nice to look at the pre-loved market for vintage styles as well as designs not anymore made by fashion homes (case in point: Saumur 25). I play it risk-free as well as look for pre-loved bags in Japan, where they have strong legislations against counterfeit / fake items.

Do you offer old bags to pay for new purchases? I’ve never tried. If I ever try to offer old bags, it would be for other functions like us needing the money badly. however never to purchase new bags. Each bag has a history for me.

If ever I would offer them, I would try to offer them with household as well as good friends first.

Do you ever feel societal pressure to purchase more bags? Nem igazán. I’m not high up in the social levels to have the pressure to have a different bag every time I’m out as well as about. I like using my bags down, enjoying them as well as producing memories with them.

Do you think about your bag purchases investments? As an investment to be passed on to my daughter, as well as nothing else.

Who influences your buying decisions? Anyukám. She likes traditional styles as well as those that in shape her lifestyle. Surprisingly, my dad likewise has a keen sense (that Chanel traditional flap caught his interest more than anything!).

For reviews, I go to Youtube to watch evaluations (what fits, wear as well as tear, very first impressions, etc.). I likewise inspect the handbag forum for comments from other members.

Are sales partner connections instrumental to your shopping? Nem igazán. When I go to shops to purchase something, I usually have a bag or two in mind. as well as I have checked out a great deal of evaluations as well as watched a great deal of Youtube videos about those bags already!

It’s a reward for me if they are additional accommodating, like show me other sizes or prints of the designs I asked for. I phone call extraordinary service if they suggest me a similar style for me to try on if the specific design I requested isn’t available. I like that I am provided options.

Why do you enjoy shopping, beyond just obtaining something new? When I wasn’t earning yet (aka student), I like that my parents are likewise into high-end goods, as well as you might state it was bonding time for us to go shopping. When we were a bit younger, we just had sufficient for the necessities. My dad had a career break when I was in high institution as well as we slowly had some comforts right here as well as there. Primarily, we would travel as a family. then the buying (with the tax refunds of course), came with it.

When I started working, it took me a great 10 years to be in a comfortable specify to begin buying high-end products on my own. It was my gift to myself for the difficult work.

Have you ever felt like you got inferior service at a store or shop because of your appearance, ethnicity or gender? Igen. particularly when I have impulse sees to my regional shops when I’m not dressed well enough. SAs usually profile people who see their stores. I don’t blame them, it may be the training that they get. Abroad, SAs seem to be friendlier to tourists (at least from our experience).

A pénz

Who pays for your bags? When I was studying, it was my parents.

When I was working, I pay for my purchases.

When I got married, it was a shared decision with my husband. say thanks to God he likewise appreciates my fashion sense!

Do you set aside a budget plan for your bag purchases? Igen. I usually obsess over bags for a few months, as well as together with that, I begin saving for that purchase (whether I choose to purchase it or not). If I choose not to purchase it, I deposit it in our cost savings account. I don’t have an precise % on exactly how much I set aside. It depends if a bag catches my fancy.

The Taboo Topics

Have you ever bought a counterfeit since you couldn’t pay for a designer item? Unfortunately, I unknowingly bought a counterfeitwhen we were still living in Jakarta. I was in high institution then as well as didn’t understand much about designer goods. We went to this flea market called Mangga Dua as well as they offered all type of fakes. I liked a specific crossbody without understanding it was a knock off Gucci. I used it a couple of times in institution however as soon as I discovered about it being a fake, I provided it away.

If you checked out about the counterfeit market as well as what it does, it will truly shock you.

Do you ever hide purchases from your considerable other? No. I’m extremely available to my other half about my purchases. I respect his viewpoint as well as I do not want to break his trust. He likewise confides in me about his costly hobbies too. We assist each other LOL.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve done to pay for a bag? nothing truly crazy. the most was an impulsive purchase, Iena MM. I just came to the shop to get the LV Tahitienne mini pochette as well as the zippered carry caught my eye. The money I utilized to pay for it was supposed to be deposited to my time deposit. LOL

Do you believe your buying is ever a problem? have you ever felt like you were having a hard time with a buying addiction? Nem igazán. I am extremely available to my other half as well as my parents about my costs habits. They usually ground me particularly when I was having thoughts about having a Birkin (when I clearly cannot pay for it at this time!)

The rest Of It

Any other costly hobbies or passions? I like Ferragamo shoes! Their Vara as well as Varina designs always get me excited as well as I like exactly how they in shape my shoes. I got my like of shoes from my dad. He has a great deal of Ferragamo as well as Bally leather shoes for work. I always admired his sense of peaceful fashion. He doesn’t look screaming fashionista. He always kept it traditional yet sophisticated. He is 68 by the way!

I likewise came from a household who likes to travel. Our slogan was “Visit a new location every year!”. traveling is a great teacher. It teaches you to be more available to different cultures. It likewise teaches us to appreciate nature.

Anything else you would like to include? =)

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